Demolition Plan Approved

I wanted to use this opportunity to reach all the members of our parish and let you know about the results of the special vestry held on Sunday April 3, 2005.

The Special Vestry was called to authorize a quotation to demolish the rectory building. We recommended a quote from Priestly Demolition Inc. and the motion to accept this quote was approved by a vote of 63 in favour, and none against. As a result of this vestry, St. George’s now has authorization from the parish and subsequently the authorization of the Diocese of Niagara to enter into a contract with Priestly to carry out this work.

It is with some sadness that we have reached this decision as a parish. For well over a hundred years this house has served the parish and many of its rectors. Yet, with the chronic water problems eluding the many attempts to fix the issue, and the recent discovery of toxic mold in the walls and ceiling of the first floor, it is no longer safe to live in nor is it now considered worth repairing.

There is great potential for the future of the rectory property and the growth of St George’s. Along with our new stewardship program “Stewards Together”, St George’s is focusing on becoming a community that is more inviting and more welcoming. This was an important part of my presentation to our Annual Vestry meeting at the end of January. In that presentation, I outlined some of the challenges and blessings that we have at St. George’s in Georgetown (the presentation is available in PowerPoint format by request).

One important component to our growth is to make St. George’s more inviting by improving the visibility of our current parking, plus the goal of additional parking in the future. The wardens and I are excited to begin this work. It will help us to have a more inviting appearance by making much more visible our current parking. Part of the demolition cost will be covered by some of the budget items already allocated to the rectory (property tax, insurance, and utilities). For the remainder, we will need your help.

The wardens and I, together with the Stewardship Task Force, continue to encourage you to make your pledge to St. George’s using the “Stewards Together” pledge form you received in the mail. To help with the rectory demolition, we invite you to consider one of two options. The first would be, if you are able, a special one-time gift toward the demolition. The second option would be to designate a portion of your regular (weekly or monthly) pledge and gift to this project. A number of members have already come forward with pledges for the demolition, but
we need your support as well.

If you have any questions about the Special Vestry meeting, the vision of St. George’s, the “Stewards Together” program, or how you can support the rectory demolition project, please contact me.


The Rev’d Robert W.A. Park