A History of St. George’s Church

Donald Fraser and Archdeacon A. Bethune first visited Georgetown in 1850, however, it was not until 1855 that the first church, capable of seating 200, was built. In 1871, the women of the church raised funds to acquire additional land to the east of the original building, and a mortgage of $500 was taken out to erect a parsonage. By 1878, the church was becoming somewhat run down. Mr. A. Boultbee, the Rector, asked the members to raise funds for a new church, and in July the cornerstone was laid. Later that year Bishop Fuller opened the church, but it was not consecrated until three years later, when it became debt-free.

The new century brought on many changes, and in 1921, the chancel was enlarged to provide an organ chamber, and a new schoolroom and a kitchen were added. In the 1930’s, an electric organ was donated and additional stained glass windows were dedicated to honour those who fell in the war, and as family memorials.

A new pipe organ was installed in 1958, and plans for a new Parish Hall were drawn up. However, it was not until 1973 that Rev. R. Gallagher obtained approval to proceed, and the hall, sacristy, and an office were built. Parish groups, led by the Anglican Church Women paid off the $105,000 in only five years!

Rev. E. Mills served from 1966 to 1971, and during that time aroused interest in a telephone caring service. In 1984 the Open Door program was established to provide a safe environment for youth.

Since 1990, three new windows have been dedicated and one refurbished, and the rectory was torn down in 2005. Additional parking has been added on the former rectory site. Also, a sound system and wheel chair access have been added. In 2009, a new audio system and two video screens were installed in the church to enhance the worship experience at our Sunday Services. Also a new carillon was installed and is once again being heard in our neighboring community.

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